I am a Research Scientist at Google Research in Tel-Aviv where I work on natural language processing. Before that I was fortunate to complete my Phd at BIU's NLP lab under the supervision of Prof. Yoav Goldberg. My master's thesis was carried under the supervision of Prof. Moshe Koppel. My main interests are at the intersection of machine learning and natural language processing, with a soft spot for machine translation and other text generation tasks. When not working on NLP you can usually find me on the mat (practicing or teaching Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga) or underwater.

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News & Activities

(Nov 2023) 5 papers accepted in EMNLP 2023
(July 2023) DisentQA received the area chair best paper award for Question Answering in ACL 2023
(May 2023) 4 papers accepted in ACL 2023
(Jan 2023) Organizing the DialDoc 2023 workshop in ACL
(Jun 2022) Organizing the ISCOL 2022 conference at Tel Aviv University
(Apr 2022) TRUE was accepted as a long paper in NAACL 2022
(Oct 2021) Invited talk in the Cambridge Language Technology Lab (LTL) Seminar
(Aug 2021) Long paper accepted in EMNLP (work led by my intern Or Honovich)
(Sep 2020) Short paper accepted in Findings of EMNLP
(Apr 2020) Long paper accepted in ACL 2020
(Mar 2020) Joined Google as a Research Scientist in Tel Aviv
(Mar 2020) Teaching a new course on machine translation in Bar Ilan University (slides and recordings)
(Aug 2019) Traveling to Florence to present our work on gender-aware NMT in the 1st ACL workshop on gender bias in NLP
(Jul 2019) Serving as a tutor in the Lisbon Machine Learning School (LxMLS 2019)
(Jun 2019) Traveling to Minneapolis to present our work on Massively Multilingual NMT in NAACL (internship project with Google Translate)
(Oct 2018) Invited talk in ISCOL
(Jul 2018) Traveling to Melbourne to present our work on Split & Rephrase in ACL
(Jun 2018) Interning with Melvin Johnson and Orhan Firat, Google Translate, Mountain View, California
(Oct 2017) Invited talk in Google Research Tel-Aviv
(Sep 2017) Traveling to Zurich for the Google NLP Summit
(Aug 2017) Traveling to Vancouver to present two papers in ACL
(Nov 2016) Invited talk in IBM Research Tel-Aviv
(Aug 2016) Presenting our BIU-MIT submission in SIGMORPHON@ACL 2016
(Oct 2015) Attending the DL4MT winter school in Dublin
(Jul 2015) Attending LxMLS in Lisbon
(Apr 2015) Founded the Israeli Natural Language Processing Meetup. Join us!


Selected Publications

DisentQA: Disentangling Parametric and Contextual Knowledge with Counterfactual Question Answering
pdf code
Ella Neeman, Roee Aharoni, Or Honovich, Leshem Choshen, Idan Szpektor, Omri Abend
ACL 2023 (Area Chair Best Paper Award, Question Answering)

mFACE: Multilingual Summarization with Factual Consistency Evaluation
Roee Aharoni, Shashi Narayan, Joshua Maynez, Jonathan Herzig, Elizabeth Clark, Mirella Lapata
Findings of ACL 2023

TRUE: Re-Evaluating Factual Consistency Evaluation
pdf code
Or Honovich, Roee Aharoni, Jonathan Herzig, Hagai Taitelbaum, Vered Cohen, Doron Kukliansky, Thomas Scialom, Idan Szpektor, Avinatan Hassidim, Yossi Matias
NAACL 2022

Q^2: Evaluating Factual Consistency in Knowledge-Grounded Dialogue via Question Generation and Question Answering
pdf code
Or Honovich, Leshem Choshen, Roee Aharoni, Ella Neeman, Idan Szpektor, Omri Abend
EMNLP 2021

KoBE: Knowledge-Based Machine Translation Evaluation
Zorik Gekhman, Roee Aharoni, Genady Beryozkin, Markus Freitag, Wolfgang Macherey
Findings of EMNLP 2020

Unsupervised Domain Clusters in Pretrained Language Models
Roee Aharoni, Yoav Goldberg
ACL 2020

Massively Multilingual Neural Machine Translation
Roee Aharoni, Melvin Johnson, Orhan Firat
NAACL 2019

Split and Rephrase: Better Evaluation and a Stronger Baseline
Roee Aharoni, Yoav Goldberg
ACL 2018

Towards String-to-Tree Neural Machine Translation
Roee Aharoni, Yoav Goldberg
ACL 2017 and the 1st Workshop on Neural Machine Translation

Morphological Inflection Generation with Hard Monotonic Attention
Roee Aharoni, Yoav Goldberg
ACL 2017

Automatic Detection of Machine Translated Text and Translation Quality Estimation
Roee Aharoni, Moshe Koppel, Yoav Goldberg
ACL 2014


Topics in Sequence-to-Sequence Learning for Natural Language Processing (Ph.D. Thesis)
Roee Aharoni
Bar Ilan University, 2020

Automatic Detection of Machine Translated Text and Translation Quality Estimation (M.Sc. Thesis)
Roee Aharoni
Bar Ilan University, 2015


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